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Truck Equipment has teamed up with the trailer manufacturers that bring you the most dependable and highest quality trailers on the market today. We offer flatbeds, drop decks and RGNs from Doonan Specialized Trailers LLC; Dry-vans and Reefers from Vanguard and CIMC; and Chip trailers, Refuse trailers, Live-floors, and Grain trailers from KNL Holdings/Peerless. Along with a quality trailer you will be getting superior service from our knowledgeable and trustworthy service department. Team that with our parts department that offers OEM and aftermarket parts for all brands of truck and trailer applications and you have a combination that can’t be beat! For more detailed information on any of the above mentioned trailers continue scrolling and check out what Truck Equipment has to offer. “Keep Calm and Truck On®!”



Vanguard Corporation is a leading manufacturer of semi-trailers including composite plate and reefers.

Vanguard Corporation’s innovative manufacturing technology includes robotic welding and in-house rotary shot blasting for both carbon steel and galvanized steel trailer components. From front to back and top to bottom, the high quality of every Vanguard trailer cannot be matched; a promise that is backed up by Vanguard Corporation’s comprehensive 5 year warranty.


Vanguard has been recognized as an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of all types of truck trailers. Today, that tradition continues in the imaginative engineering, premium materials and the highest quality workmanship. You’ll see this unique combination of engineering excellence, quality and craftsmanship in the special features of the interior and exterior of all trailers they manufacture.

Vanguard leads the industry with a diverse line of trailers for a wide range of customer needs. By focusing on constantly refining and redefining their products and processes, Vanguard is producing the most efficient, the most capable, and the most advanced trailers on the road today.

The following features come standard on all trailers manufactured by Vanguard:

Fully Galvanized Components

  1. Rear frame and gussets
  2. Rear impact guard and adapter (bolted construction)
  3. Unitized forklift package
  4. Landing gear mounting brackets and cross bracing
  5. One-piece subframe – Coupler to landing gear
  6. Coupler front apron and pick-up plate
  7. Front interior bulkhead
  8. Interior logistic posts and scuff liner Landing gear
  9. Mudflap bracket
  10. Air and electrical channels

Standard Premium Features

  1. Air ride anti-dockwalk suspension
  2. Welded support gussets between slide rail and crossmember
  3. Side posts 16″ on center
  4. 1/8″ extruded aluminum front corners
  5. 5 posts in front wall
  6. 3 floor screws per board, per crossmember
  7. Stemco platinum performance plus wheel end
  8. LED lights
  9. 1 3/8″ pre-coated laminated oak flooring
  10. Internal ground wiring harness system

Galvanized Landing Gear Cross BracingGalvanzied Unitized Threshold PlateGalvanized Rear Frame and Bumper


VIP 4000 Spec Sheet
MaxCube Spec Sheet

VXP Spec Sheet

Reefer Spec Sheet

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Hopper Bottom
Peerless Drop Center Tipper Trailer
Peerless Live Floor Trailer


Peerless Trailers Construction and Manufacturing

Each trailer is built to rigorous construction standards that offer a combination of lightweight materials and an aerodynamic design that helps to reduce fuel costs while traveling. Multiple door seals help to ensure that the doors will remain locked when intended to be so and avoid costly spills, while interior sensors help to ensure that the trailers are not loaded past their recommended capacity.


Peerless trailers are primarily constructed from aluminum in order to reduce their weight as much as possible. To compensate, the trailers are constructed using various I-beams and interiors posts to help ensure that the trailer is as durable as possible and can handle loads up to the posted capacity.


While Peerless trailers are designed to be durable, all trailers need occasional maintenance and cleaning to ensure that they continue to function as intended. The interior designs of Peerless trailers are intended to be cleaned as quickly and efficiently as possible, especially when the trailer is hauling commodities that need to be kept as clean as possible.


Hopper Bottom Spec Sheet Cover

Drop Center Chip Trailer Spec Sheet Cover

Live Floor Spec Sheet Cover

Live Floor Refuse Transport Trailer



Doonan Flatbed Trailer
Doonan RGN
Doonan Dropdeck Trailer

For over forty years, Doonan Specialized Trailer LLC has been dedicated to engineering and producing platform trailers that meet and exceed the specialized needs of owner operators. Our product lines include custom flatbeds, drop decks, double drops, oilfield trailers, extendibles, and RGN lowbeds. Truck Equipment Inc is committed to helping you with a trailer that fits your specialized need.



Doonan Trailer LiteratureFlatbed trailers are basic, but versatile, open trailers. They are ideal for hauling a variety of loads. Loading of these trailers is usually done by forklift from the side, dock loading from the rear, or by overhead crane. One advantage of the flatbed trailer is the maximum continuous deck space. Most flatbed trailers are between 45’ to 53’ in length and 96” to 102” in width, Doonan produces them anywhere from 24’ to 60’ in length and 96” to 114” in width. Additional lengths, up to 90’, can be achieved by purchasing an Extendible flatbed trailer. Typically, flatbed trailers have a maximum high of 60″ at the front tapering to a standard dock height of 54” in the rear. This results in a maximum freight of 8’4″. If taller loads are required, a Dropdeck trailer should be considered.

Flatbed Trailers are made of steel, aluminum or a combination of steel and aluminum. Generally, a flatbed trailers weighs between 8,000 and 12,000 pounds, but the weight can vary greatly depending upon the options installed on the trailers. Doonan offers hundreds of options for its flatbed trailers. While most flatbed trailers have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (G.V.W.R) of 80,000#, the concentrated load capacity can vary greatly. The concentrated load capacity is the maximum weight the beams of the trailer can carry in a 10’ or 4’ section of the trailer. Doonan manufactures flatbed trailers with concentrated load capacities between 50,000 and 110,000 pounds. Other common names for flatbed trailers include Flats, Flat Decks, Floats, Oilfield Floats, and High Boys.

Doonan Aluminum FlatebedThe Chaparral flatbed uses a bolt together construction to allow for easy maintenance of floor boards, side rails, cross-members, front plates, and rear plates.
Doonan Platinum FlatbedThe Doonan Platinum flatbed combines the light weight bolt together deck of the Chaparral with the light weight welded steel main beams of the Doonan Black Gold to create a combo trailer that weighs less than 8,835 pounds.
Doonan Diamond FlatbedThe Doonan Diamond flatbed is a combo trailer with an all-steel main beam, steel front & rear plates, steel cross-members, and 6″ aluminum side rail.


Dropdeck trailers are built much like flatbed trailers, except they have a “gooseneck” which drops the trailer height to a lower level behind the tractor. A dropdeck trailer’s lower deck height allows for taller loads, as well as, providing a lower center of gravity for heavy loads. On a dropdeck trailer, the gooseneck is general a fixed neck, however, Doonan manufactures dropdecks with removable and folding necks as well.  Other common names for a dropdeck trailers include Drop Deck, Single Drop, Step Deck and Drop.

While dropdeck trailers are generally between 48’ and 53’ long and between 96” and 102” wide, Doonan produces them anywhere from 30’ to 60’ in length and 96” to 114” in width. Additional lengths can be achieved by purchasing an extendible dropdeck trailer. On an extendible dropdeck trailer, the lower deck separates allowing the axles and the rear portion of the lower deck to slide backwards creating an opening in the floor of the trailer. Extendible trailers are typically used for self-supporting loads. Many factors impact the overall length of an open dropdeck extendible trailer including closed trailer length, top deck length, number of axles, axle spacing, and overhang. See Doonan’s Extendible page for various extendible style trailers.

Dropdeck trailers are made from steel, aluminum or a combination of both steel and aluminum.

Doonan Chaparral DropdeckThe Chaparral dropdeck is an aluminum main beam trailer that features an all-steel neck. The new neck design was taken from the Doonan Black Gold, and is actually stronger and lighter than the previous Chaparral combination steel/aluminum neck.
Doonan Platinum DropdeckThe Doonan Platinum dropdeck combines the light-weight bolt-together deck of the Chaparral with the light-weight welded steel main beams of the Doonan Black Gold to create a combo dropdeck that weighs less than 9,100 pounds.
Doonan Black Gold DropdeckThe Doonan Black Gold is the legendary basis for all Doonan products. Its light weight all-steel design combined with over 300 pickable options makes it one of the most versatile trailers on the market.



In 2010, after years of successfully building heavy-duty, multi-axle, 4-beam fixed neck, drop deck trailers for the Oilfield industry; the Company was asked to design a removable gooseneck (RGN) version of this popular trailer. Soon after the company began incorporating the new RGN design into its other models, Doonan created a line of mechanical detachable removable gooseneck (RGN) double drop trailers, capable of hauling 35-ton to 55-tons. Doonan is now proud to announce the introduction of its first hydraulic detachable (RGN) double drop (Launched at the 2015 Mid-America Truck Show). This product was designed after Doonan’s time-tested mechanical detachable line of trailers.

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