Credit Application

HEREBY applies for credit in accordance with the terms and conditions of Truck Equipment, Inc.


Banking Information

Trade/Credit References

Reference #1

Reference #2

Reference #3

Reference #4

We certify that all the information on this form is correct. We fully understand your credit terms and agree to the proper payment in consideration of extended credit. I hereby authorize the above references and bank to release credit information to Truck Equipment Inc.

Complete if Tax Exempt

Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Income, Sales, Inheritance & Excise Tax Division
Post Office Box 8903
Madison, Wisconsin 53708

(Name of Seller or Lessor)

If “continuous” exemption is checked above, this certificate shall continue in force until revoked and shall be considered as part of each order given to the above named seller or lessor. Use of this certificate does not exempt sales of taxable items for uses other than certified above. Misuse of this certificate by the seller, lessor, buyer, lessee, or other representative may constitute a misdemeanor.

This form is not to be used by farmers, or manufacturers purchasing machinery and equipment; they should use the exemption forms designed for their use.

Sellers must retain this form as a part of their records.
This Form May Be Reproduced